For Managers Only – Candidate Blueprint

Who are you looking for to fill your open position? Creating a candidate blueprint will help you recognize the person for the job. It is important for you to identify the specific characteristics you are looking for from the candidate pool. Let’s consider an Administrative Assistant position you have open in your organization.Here are some specific items to help you create the candidate blueprint:

Identify the number of years the next candidate should have in order to fill the position. How much experience should the candidate have as an Administrative Assistant? Depending on the person or people this candidate will support and interact with on a daily basis, should help you narrow the level of experience you are looking for.

What personality traits or characteristics should the candidate possess? This is very important for you to determine before you meet one candidate. The value of creating the blueprint is to help you narrow down who and what you are looking for in the next Administrative Assistant.

How much education are you looking for from this candidate? This can be tied to experience.

What skills and abilities are you looking for from your next Administrative Assistant?

No matter who you are looking for, creating a Candidate Blueprint will help you recognize the person you are looking for when they walk in the door.