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Recruiters – Friend or Foe?

I have used two recruiters in my career and was hired both times. In both cases, I was contacted by the recruiter. I was not looking for a job the first time I spoke to a recruiter. I was working for Macy’s Department store as a salesperson and I just happened to answer the telephone and within a few weeks I was running a retail store as a manager.

The second time I was found by a recruiter, I was actively looking for a job and a recruiter found my resume online,, and they contacted me. I had actually already accepted another position and about to relocate my family when the recruiter called. The opportunity turned out to be excellent and I accepted the job opportunity. The recruiter did an excellent job communicating with me and the company. I had a very tight window of time that I needed to make a decision. The recruiter help to accelerate the hiring process, and I was prepared for the interview and ultimately received a great offer.

Your preparation is equally important when you are working with a recruiter, as it is when you are working on your own looking for potential job opportunities. Do not minimize your need for preparation at any point during the interview process.

What I like most about recruiters is their ability to help negotiate your new salary. In instances I used a recruiter, the salary exceeded my initial expectations. Should you use a recruiter in your job search? I believe it is an option you should consider. It does not have to be the only option you use in your job search, but I believe that great recruiters can help you find your next job opportunity.

Tips to Remember

1. Do not align yourself with one recruiter. If a recruiter wants you to sign an exclusive contract – say no, and walk away.

2. Do not pay one penny to a recruiter. Their fee should be paid by the organization looking to fill the position.

3. The best way to find a recruiter is through word of mouth. This is where networking is useful. Someone you know, probably knows someone, who knows a great recruiter.

4. Keep in mind the recruiter should have your best interest in mind. You are never at the mercy of the recruiter.