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It used to be a website about great book by Albert Low:


I’m Bradley Reed and I’m also very interested in this topic. I’ll be presenting here various cases from different industries regarding conflicts and creativity at work.

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In Conflict and Creativity at Work the author exposes the myth endorsed by Nobel prizewinner Milton Friedman, who says that the only social responsibility a company has is to make a profit. This view is widely accepted in our society, but it has brought us to the brink of disaster.

Creativity of human beings, in the main, is expressed in the work that we do. Therefore to understand a company, its organization and its reason for being, we must understand, creativity and work, what they involve, and their importance to our mental health.

Although pressure is mounting for corporate social responsibility, we do not have an adequate understanding in which to root new standards of ethics and ethical behavior. In this book the author is offering a new way to look at the corporate system that will provide that understanding.